Desecheo Island Photographs 2008-2009

Desecheo Island as seen from Puerto Rico - for years, so close but yet so far.

USFWS reconnaissance visit to Desecheo Island with members of KP1-5 Project DXpedition, Dec. 2008

Helicopter transporting supplies between Puerto Rico and Desecheo during Feb. 2009 DXpedition

Antennas on the beach

Desecheo Power & Light

Operations underway: L-R KIR, WNB & W6IZT

N6MZ runs a CW pileup

Surfs up! High waves caused considerable damage to low band antennas on the beach

Relief crew arrives at Desecheo

USFWS personnel go over permit restrictions with newly arrived operators group

map of Desecheo Island.

Desecheo Island in relation to the island of Puerto Rico. Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries-Austin.

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